Peksystray - Not A Pesky System Tray


Peksystray is a small system tray (also called notification tray) designed for all the light window managers supporting docking. As more and more applications use a small icon in the system tray to provide additonal fonctionalities and information, it becomes usefull for everyone to have access to them. While "heavy" window managers (Gnome, KDE...) come with a systrem tray embedded in the rest of the desktop, lighter window managers (WindowMaker, fluxbox...) don't have this feature. Peksystray is a very simple and light implementation of a system tray for any window manager supporting docking, conforming to the System Tray Freedesktop standard.

Peksystray provides a window where icons will automatically add up depending on the requests from the applications. Both the size of the window and the size of the icons can be selected by the user. If the window is full, it can automatically display another window in order to display more icons.

Peksystray has been named after PekWM.


Peksystray used in pekwm vertically. Peksystray used in WindowMaker with options --border 2 --icon-size 30 --width 64 --height 64. You can see the icons of skype, scim, grip, podcast, rhythmbox, gaim, mldonkey, net_applet, openwengo and ekiga.


peksystray [OPTIONS]

 --help                  Display this help.
 --version               Display version number and exit.
 --display DISPLAY       The X display to connect to.
 --icon-size SIZE        Icon size. Default is 16.
 --width SIZE            Dock width. Default is 64.
 --height SIZE           Dock height. Default is to be equal to the icon size.
 --border SIZE           Border width. Default is 0.
 --no-multiple           Do not automatically create a new dock when one is full.


As of 2007-01-06, the source of the latest version (v 0.4.0) is available here : peksystray-0.4.tar.bz2
Latest development version is available on CVS.


Peksystray was written by Mohammed Sameer <msameer (at)> and
Eric Piel <eric.piel (at)>.
It is available under the GPL license.

For more information, bug reports, previous versions, etc. have a look at the sourceforge page or contact the authors.

If you are interested by peksystray, maybe one of those following programs might fit your needs even better: wmsystray, stalonetray, xystray.